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Become an Abridged Alim in 2 Years with the Purpose-Built Correspondence Course

If you’ve ever wanted to become an Alim but never found the time, or you left Darul Uloom early and later regretted your decision, Jameah Islameah has a solution.

Hazrat Molana Bilal Patel Sahed (the principle) has painstakingly devised an abridged Alim course which can be completed in 2 years.

Furthermore, you don’t even need to attend the Islamic school. You can study, learn and participate from the comfort of your own home. This is ideal for people who work for a living. The course is suitable for all ages.

However, Jameah Islameah also holds this 2 year alim course on their own premises. If you wish to attend and take advantage of the teaching and instructions ‘face to face’, then you can do so too.

Parts of the home correspondence course are taught in the form of “Easy Daily Lessons”.

Here is a sample of what an easy daily lesson looks like:


     السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته





Our aim is to deliver knowledge of Islam to the Muslim Ummah through education in an easy manner.

Regarding more details and information on our Home study courses are as follows:-

The home Study Course cover Quran, Hadith, Fiqh, Seerat, , Khilafit-Al-Rashida, Muslim General History and Arabic.

Our advice to memorize two boxes a day, compare Quran lessons with Seerah, Hadith, with Khilafit-Al-Rashida and Fiqh with Muslim General History, and Arabic 3 to 5 words a day.

Write all the lessons in a folder divide folder in seven parts, each lesson should be write in each fixed part , example; Quran section write only Quranic lessons, likewise other lessons, if a student follow this system end of the year the section will become a form of book of that subjects.

Our course will last for 36 weeks, which will be covered over a one year period. The following three Study Systems must be used by those who participate in the ‘Home Study Course’;

1.. Study by Reading fluently

2.. Study by Memorising (preferable)

3.. Study by writing

Note-Students who find it difficult to learn all seven subjects in one year they can divide the course into two years.

Students who write the lessons are requested to post their work every month, so that it can be checked and marked by the course tutors and they will be posted back.

Inshaa’Allah, those who participate in our home study course will be issued certificates at the end of the course after attending a test.

These courses are suitable for both male and females of any age group.

We also have continuous lessons after one year course. Students are strongly advised to take part in second year course as well.( however ,you can have them now, because those lessons contain much more details, which give more convenience to students to understand).Also for Arabic lessons keep Arabic practical books, which help in understanding Arabic much more.(we can help you for getting Arabic book )

The cost of the course is £60 per year, which you can send by making a cheque in favour of jameah islameah.

All participants are requested to make Du’aa for the success of staff and projects of jameah islameah.

Jazakum Allah Khairan,



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