Donate a Minimum of £5 Per Month to Jameah – Someone will Be Able to Gain an Educational Advantage

When you donate £5 per month by Standing Order, you will be gaining reward for every penny you spend. In effect, you will be spending just 17p per day and the rewards will be immeasurable.

Although we will do something for you in return, please don’t keep this as your sole recompense. The real repayment is by Allah.

  • Your monthly donation will be spent on educating students (Ilm-Ud-Deen)
  • Your monthly donation will be spent on classrooms
  • Your monthly donation will be spent on the Jameah Masjid
  • Your monthly donation will be spent on accomodation and boarding
  • Your monthly donation will be spent on building renovation
  • Your monthly donation will be spent on our ‘million pound’ building project

In return, you and your family can enjoy our highly educational supplements.


We will send you our own “Easy Daily Lessons” every month. These lessons are not checklists. These invaluable lessons will teach you so much, you’ll wonder how you this information passed you by.

Our ‘Easy Daily Lessons’ contains Quran, Hadith, Fiqh, Arabic lessons, the Seerah of RasulAllah (SAW), History of Khilfat-ul-Rashideen and history of other Muslim rulers.


Our educational calenders. These calenders contain massive amounts of information.

The calender contains:

  • Lessons in Arabic
  • Famous Places
  • Hadith and Quran statements
  • Difficult & Controversial Subjects
  • Business Transactions and Aspects
  • Halal and Haram Information
  • Duas
  • Islamic Glossary
  • and much much more


Many other educational information which is not readily available elsewhere. This is information which is not discussed much as the information requires a deeper understanding. But we will give you the information so you can make your deeds count…

The information includes:

  • Wills
  • Inheritance
  • Zakat and Fitra
  • Qurbani
  • Compensation for human damage


Ongoing information regarding Islamic principals which is generally overlooked in many books and lectures. For example, relating to the fourth bullet point above, have you ever wondered how much money you would receive (from an Islamic court of law) if someone injured you and you lost an eye or you were wounded on the arm? The answer may surprise you.

Although all of the information above is extremely helpful, please remember that your donation is for the sake of Allah and this should be your intention from now. If your intention is to gain the above materials, you will also get reward the reward for spending on education but the real reward will be missed.

If and when you are ready, please download this standing order form and print it out. Then send it to the address shown on the form. Of course, you are free to cancel the standing order at any time if you wish to stop your deeni contribution.

Jazakallah for your ‘much needed’ help.