Students will spend part of the day learning either of the following:

  • Tahfeez
    • (Memorizing the Qur’an). This will be taught by professionals who are aware of the principals of recitation. Students will learn the Qur’an by heart with appropriate Tajweed and Arabic pronunciation. The approximate duration of this course is 3 to 5 years depending on the students’ capability.
  • Tajweed
    • This faculty of the Qur’an-ul-karim is taught with correct ‘Makhraj’ for the proper recitation of the Qur’an as revealed to the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) in the Qur’an. The approximate duration for this course of Tajweed & Qir’at is 2 years.
  • Alim Course: (Scholarship)
    • * Qur’anic meaning & Tajweed
      * Hadith (traditions & practices of the Prophet (SAW)
      * Fiqh (Islamic Jurisprudence)
      * Seerat (biography) of the Prophet (SAW)
      * History of the Khulafa ul Rashideen and the Sahaba
      * Arabic with grammar
      * General Muslim History
      * Urdu
      This course is offered as a full-time intensive course of 7 years or -a basic course of 1 -2 years (provided in English & French).Training can be provided for you to teach in your local area.We can also assist you in organizing a syllabus for your Madrassah.NB: The basic course is ideal for those Muslims who do not have access to Islamic education locally.

Alima Classes

Jameah has Alima classes running in various parts of London in the evenings. These classes are for girls aged 10+ and are taught by qualified Alimas during the weekdays between 5-7 in the evenings. There is also home Alima courses for girls.


We now offer to give lectures at any mosque on various topics chosen from our taught subjects.

Home Study and Weekend Classes

For those who are unable to attend classes in the weekdays we have now arranged classes in the weekends.

For students who would like to study from home we now provide an Islamic ‘Home Study Course’ so they can study in their own free time. All the Islamic subjects mentioned above are available for home study.

Student Spare Time

Part of the day students can spend working through the National Curriculum subjects / Vocational training. This facility is available either by attending local colleges for part-time courses or by joining a correspondence course.

In addition, students can also apply for part-time employment.


The examinations will be held at various intervals throughout the courses and reports will be provided to parents/guardians.

Note: Due to the Renovation work, current activities are not taking place, until further notice.